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February 7, 2020                                                

For more information contact: Town Administrator Phil Cordeiro

Town Hall: 919-925-3401




(Youngsville, North Carolina) — Just over six months after town officials initially publicized plans to expand Youngsville’s Luddy Park the town announced today the project will be put on hold until further notice.


On July 23, 2019 Youngsville officials announced their proposal to build a new three-field baseball complex adjacent to the existing four-field Luddy Park facility. The proposed expansion was projected to be built on a 7.66-acre parcel between the current Luddy Park facility and Youngsville Library. The parcel is currently owned by Faith Baptist Church of Youngsville. After initial conversation, the church – which has been an active partner with the town – expressed it would be willing to further discuss the possibility of selling that parcel to the town for the proposed expansion.


On January 22, 2020 Town Administrator Phil Cordeiro met with Faith’s Administrative Pastor Patrick Cottrell to discuss the town’s detailed proposal, including a conceptual plan for the proposed expansion and a 52-page appraisal expressing an opinion on the land’s value. A graphic depiction of the conceptual plan is included at the end of this release.


On January 30, 2020 Mr. Cottrell notified the town that Faith’s governing board did not recommend the church to proceed with the deal.


In reaction to Faith’s decision, Mr. Cordeiro commented, “I completely understand Faith’s position. They simply want to do what’s best for the church’s long-term well-being.” Cordeiro went on to add, “The town simply encourages Faith to continue to consider a partnership to expand Luddy Park, and the countless recreational opportunities that such an undertaking would provide their congregants and the entire community. After all, the town and Faith share the same non-profit motivation. Regardless of the outcome of this particular project, I have the utmost respect and admiration for the good Faith does in our community on a continuous basis.”


In a statement provided to the town for this release, Faith’s Lead Pastor Steven Wade commented, “Faith Baptist Church is grateful for the town and the way we have partnered together to serve the community. We are committed to working with town officials to find ways that Faith Baptist Church can best use our resources to serve the great people who live in this area. While the church is thankful the town is planning and preparing for future growth – and hopes it can serve the people of Youngsville with its resources – the Elders of the church decided they would not recommend the church sell the land to the town at this time…


“I believe there will be a time in the future that Faith Baptist Church can use that parcel of land in a way that will bless the people in our area. We will continue to discuss various options and opportunities and seek God’s will as to how and when that will be.”


In reaction to these recent events Mayor Fonzie Flowers remarked, “First, I’d like to reiterate the town’s sincerest gratitude for Faith’s generous partnership over the past several years. From our community egg hunt, to our fall festival, to our trick-or-treat event, to our Christmas parade, to our new youth basketball league, Faith has been the town’s most reliable and staunch supporter for community events…


“I’m confident Faith will keep an open mind, and look forward to further discussing options for expanding Luddy Park in the future.”


Feedback may be submitted to town officials by calling town hall at 919-925-3401 or by e-mailing