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Town Solicits Applications for Youngsville ABC Board

Town Solicits Applications for Youngsville ABC Board

Are you interested in serving your community? Do you have an affinity for business, retail sales, or property development? If so, you may be an excellent fit to serve on the Town of Youngsville's board of alcoholic beverage control (a.k.a. ABC Board)! Vacancies will be opening on the town's ABC board and it's actively searching for residents to help lead the organization as our community continues to grow and the system prepares to open new stores in our area.

Statutorily, ABC board members must have an “interest in public affairs, good judgment, knowledge, ability, and good moral character”. Additionally, the town prefers experience in retail sales, business, property development, and/or other areas directly relevant to the operation of ABC stores.

Requirements for applications are: (1) a current resume, and (2) a 500-word essay describing their vision for the Youngsville ABC store and what knowledge, skills, and abilities they will bring to the ABC board.

Applications should be submitted via e-mail to Ms. Emily Hurd, Town Clerk at