Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming Policy Cover

The goal of the Town of Youngsville’s Residential Traffic Calming Policy is to create safe neighborhoods, decrease collisions, decrease speeding, and improve the quality of life of our residents. This Policy guides Town Staff and informs residents about the process of implementing traffic calming in residential areas. This policy is intended for residential areas only and will not eliminate all incidents of speeding.

Traffic Calming Qualification   
Only streets and local roadways maintained by the Town of Youngsville and are covered under this policy. Local Roadways are neighborhood and subdivision streets with direct residential driveway access that do not carry significant volumes of traffic.

Traffic Calming Warrants        
The following warrants must be met in order to qualify for Traffic Calming consideration:
  • The posted speed limit is no greater than 35 mph
  • The roadway cannot be more than two travel lanes or have a width of more than 40 feet ? 25% of the traffic on the street must exceed the posted speed limit by more than 10 mph, as determined from field analysis
  • The applicant has provided documentation of at least two Neighborhood Awareness Campaign
  • Residents must live on the specific street of concern
  • Traffic volume on the affected street is less than 4,000 vehicles per day ? The route cannot be a primary route for Emergency Services
If warrants for traffic calming measures are not met, no traffic calming will be installed or considered under this policy. Additional requests for traffic calming in the same area will not be considered within a 12-month period without sufficient cause. Sufficient cause is determined at the discretion of the Chief of Police and the Town Manager.

Traffic Calming Submission       
Please read the Traffic Calming Policy in its entirety.  If all warrants for traffic calming measures have been met, please submit the Traffic Calming  Request Form and all supporting documents to for consideration. For questions on the Traffic Calming qualifying process, feel free to call Lucy Garcia | Planning Specialist, at 919-925-3401 #3.