Mayor's Office

Mayor's Office

Office of Mayor
The Mayor shall be the official head of Town government and shall carry out all powers and duties prescribed by law and the Charter of the Town of Youngsville, as well as any powers and duties assigned to him by the Board of Commissioners.

Mayor head
"We have so much to offer in such a quaint setting. Come visit us. I think you’ll like what you see. My wife and I moved here in February of 2013 because we liked what we saw. One thing I’ve heard over and over is, “Some folks were born here, the rest moved here.” There is a reason for this, but you have to experience it to understand it. I’m a North Carolina native and a Franklin County resident since 2003. I settled in Youngsville because of its proximity to where I work, its year-round elementary school for my kids, outstanding parks and recreation as well as YAKS soccer, a safe family environment, and for the overwhelming pride and sense of community that all Youngsville residents share.

Our proximity to Wake County offers huge potential for growth as well as job opportunities. Highway #1 is an incentive for potential businesses to distribute products with ease. Downtown has a lot to offer and is in the infant stages of revitalization. It is truly an exciting time to live here and I’m honored to serve as Mayor for this wonderful town." ~ Mayor Fonzie Flowers

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