Mobility Hub Study

Mobility Hub Study

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Project Overview

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is studying options for mobility hubs in several communities as part of the S-Line Project, including Youngsville. The purpose is to identify potential locations for a mobility hub in Youngsville, and to understand the types of mobility hub services and amenities that would best serve Youngsville.

What is a Mobility Hub?

A mobility hub is a place of connectivity with regional and local multimodal transportation options, offering integrated facilities, amenities, technologies, and services.  They offer choices to get you where you need to go, making it easier to transfer from one form of travel (like walking, biking, or using a scooter) to another (like carpooling, taking Uber/Lyft, or using a bus or shuttle).

Typically, mobility hubs are designed around transit services, such as bus service or passenger rail. Since Youngsville does not currently have transit service, this study is exploring mobility hub options for the future.  Example options within a hub could include:

  • bicycle and scooter rental
  • bus stop and shelter
  • electric vehicle charging
  • a mini park or plaza waiting area
  • ride hail services (such as Via, Uber, or Lyft)
  • and many other potential features!
Small Scale Hub Diagram  Micro Scale Hub Diagram



Fill Out the Public Comment Form!

Please fill out the public comment form to indicate your preferences for a wide range of mobility hub options:

Study Process and Next Steps

This study began in March 2024 and is expected to conclude in Fall 2024. The current round of engagement focuses on mobility hub preferences and includes an outreach event (April 20, 2024, at Opening Day) and a public comment form (April 2024 through June 2024). A second round of engagement events and public comment forms will focus on the draft study (Fall 2024). An implementation timeframe has yet to be determined and will depend partly on related S-line projects throughout the region. 

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This study builds upon other Town and NCDOT studies, which are listed below:

Project Contact Information

Youngsville Contact: Nathan Page,

NCDOT Contact: Grady McCollum,