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Our Elected Officials

A Message from our Mayor - Mr. Fonzie Flowers

Welcome to Youngsville, NC.  We have so much to offer in such a quaint setting. Come visit us. I think you’ll like what you see.  My wife and I moved here in February of 2013 because we liked what we saw.  One thing I’ve heard over and over is, “Some folks were born here, the rest moved here.”  There is a reason for this, but you have to experience it to understand it.

I’m a North Carolina native and a Franklin County resident since 2003.  I settled in Youngsville because of its proximity to where I work, its year-round elementary school for my kids, outstanding parks and recreation as well as YAKS soccer, a safe family environment, and for the overwhelming pride and sense of community that all Youngsville residents share.

Our proximity to Wake County offers huge potential for growth as well as job opportunities.  Highway #1 is an incentive for potential businesses to distribute products with ease.  Downtown has a lot to offer and is in the infant stages of revitalization.  It is truly an exciting time to live here and I’m honored to serve as Mayor for this wonderful town.

If you’re planning to move here or just passing through the “Gateway to Franklin County”, stop by one of our local businesses and talk with someone.  Southern hospitality is still alive and well in Youngsville…so don’t be surprised if it makes you want to stay a little longer!

If you have questions about anything or if I can help you in any way, please feel free to contact me via email at fflowers@townofyoungsville.org.  As always, take care and have a great day.

Mayor Fonzie A. Flowers


Town Officials Other Locally Elected Officials
Mayor Board of County Commissioners

Fonzie Flowers - fflowers@townofyoungsville.org

Michael Schriver (District 5) - mschriver@franklincountync.us
Shelley Dickerson (At Large) - sdickerson@franklincountync.us
Harry Foy (At Large) - hfoy@franklincountync.us
Town Board of Commissioners Franklin County Board of Education
Joseph Johnson - jjohnson@townofyoungsville.org
Cat Redd - credd@townofyoungsville.org
Graham C. Stallings - gstallings@townofyoungsville.org
Larry Wiggins - lwiggins@townofyoungsville.org
Terry Hedlund -
Meghan Jordan (District 5) - MeghanJordan@fcschools.net
Rosemary Champion (At Large) - RosemaryChampion@fcschools.net
Paige Sayles (At Large) - PaigeSayles@fcschools.net
  State Representatives
The Town Board meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Youngsville Community House at 7:00pm.

John Alexander (NC Senate District 18) - John.Alexander@ncleg.net
Lisa Stone Barnes (NC House District 7) - Lisa.Barnes@ncleg.net


Town of Youngsville - PO Box 190 - Youngsville, NC 27596 - Phone (919) 556-5073 - Fax (919) 556-0995
Email - Townyngs@townofyoungsville.org